Bloodright : Rise of the Border Princes

Shadows in the Vale

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

27th of Alturik, 1049, TR : The group spent several days helping the colonists settle into their new home. They discovered the snowreach-rangers had allowed Umberto to bring a small troop of scouts to the castle, where they would help protect the area. He answered several questions regarding the area, telling the rumors of Mahb the Mountain, a giant seen only on misty fog-bound nights that wailed and cried through the night.

Fangrik had the subdued griffon Brightfeather dragged into the cellars and stuffed into the Griffon Pens below the castle, effectively trapping it until he could gain its trust and train it as his own mount. He distributed several lesser magicks to his followers, the Gnolls, including leather armor and spears.

Lord Taumus of House Daure fed his Ghost Horses, and spent some time poring over the maps and local history tomes.

Ash Cogward started to work with the village smith in cleaning the castle smithy, though it was mostly destroyed, and planned on how to build an alchemists shop in the wreckage.

Drew the Avaricious helped organize the guards and asking about local trade goods.

After several days, the group met and organized the colonists and castle inhabitants in a group meeting that packed the Great Hall. Nilfur the Bold was made the Castellan, while Sir Roderick the Green was made the Captain of the Guard. A Village Council was formed, placing Tomas the Priest, Master Pol Marblehold and Farmer Hamdil Cathen as the lead members of the village. The colonists were offered whatever supplies they might need from the castle’s extensive stores, to rebuild the village as a place of commerce and safety. They were also allowed to pick their own future homes from the ruins of the village, and be exempt from taxes until next harvest. Each farmer was offered 30 acres of land (excluding the orchard). Market days were declared to be in Spring and Autumn, with local Coun cil meetings at each full moon. Everyone left content.

The group followed their maps and found a copper deposit high on a neighboring western mountainside, and made plans to travel north and east to the village of Frosthelm to seek new allies.

1st of Frostend : Following their maps, the group travelled for several days, and managed to uncover two more resource sites; a Dark Wood grove that might be harvested for their rare wood, and just south of the village of Frosthelm, a collection of the rare Frost Berries, that Ash had been seeking, which granted a 25% discount to making potions and healing kits. The group also secretly visited the Quarry marked on their maps, finding the place guarded by a small force of ogres and hobgoblin engineers who were busy mining something.

3rd of Frostend, the group arrived at the outskirts of Frosthelm, finding the place under siege by a force of over one hundred orcs, from The Bad Moon Tribe. They had encircled the village in small groups of ten in each, having burned-out the nearby farmers, before surrounding the fortified hold and begun preparing siege equipment’ ladders and an onager…

…to be continued…



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