Bloodright : Rise of the Border Princes

The Stone has been Thrown.

"War, war never changes."

Fort Bloodthorne was taken with minimal losses for the forces of the Fierce Creatures, thanks to the leadership of its members and the skills of those forces.

To move forward, however, more men and supplies will be needed.

Lord Commander Thorin Brightshield came up with a overall stratagy for the next steps starting first with a 2 day march arc from Fort Bloodthorne south, to scout enemy positions. King Ash Cogward, lent his Blood sprite froce to this, before returning with Lord Taumus to Stonefist to do research for the effort. Fangrik would lead his gnolls also in the scouting effort. groups being limited to five. Drew set to the logitics of further war effort. Argyle Ulfhræfen set forth to review and re-engineer the fort. Thorin further is looking at the clean up of the areas to allow Commerce againt within the Fort as well as drafting letter and posters for more forces.



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