Aaron Fisher

Elven Templar


Aaron is a wood elf, with silver hair and the piercing grey-eyed gaze of his kin. His piety and love of nature has led him to seem distant, though in truth, he’s more introspective and thoughful. He rarely makes rash decisions, unless lives are on the line.

Aaron seeks, but does not expect fairness or justice. He is cynical, but still an idealist when it comes to his dealings with others. He rarely lies, and only does so when he perceives it will aid the “greater good”, or to spare someone pain. He has no compunctions about killing or violence, and is a canny hunter when required.


Aaron knows little about his origins. Discovered as a foundling in the woods, he was raised by human fishermen. Aaron grew in a simple household with few luxuries. He found himself drawn to the woods and became skilled at bow and sword, and did not fit in well with the humans in the nearby community. His age and slow development left him with few friends, though he learned to listen to the woodlands, and became a skilled orator and singer.

When his parents died as he out-grew them, he became a lone wanderer, travelling the woodlands far and wide. When a pair of locals gave birth to half-elves, he took his simple faith, his flute and bow and headed into the wilds to find himself, and maybe who he really was…

Aaron Fisher

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