Agrik - The Harbinger

The Binder of Chains, The Fiery Scourge - God of Evil, Hatred, Oppression, Tyranny and War


Agrik, The Harbinger is the ruler of the gods of evil, sometimes known as “The Black Hand”, or “The Black Lord”. He is a ruthless, calculating, power-hungry deity obsessed with expanding his position and power. He remains, however, with few “true” allies, since most other gods and goddesses of evil try to find ways to usurp him and claim his place. Nevertheless, he has forged lasting bonds with the less powerful deities of Invis, Goddess of Poison and Night (his consort), Enkara, Goddess of Strife and Cold (his mistress), and Naveh, God of Thieves and Lord of Shadows. He is depicted in literature as a loathsome usurper, constantly mobilizing his hosts against the forces of Good and Larani in particular.

Most commonly portrayed as a mighty humanoid figure shrouded in crimson flames, with leathery, scalloped wings, cloven hooves and razor sharp claws. Two claws were severed from his left hand by the goddess Larani – The Celestial Paladin in an ancient dispute. Agrik has never forgiven this indignity. Only the terms of the Concordat of Illimitable Tome have deterred him from seeking his own namesake vengeance. Some believe he will attempt to have the goddess assassinated regardless of the consequences, but meanwhile, their enmity carries over to the mortal followers of both deities. Agrikan followers loot, pillage, ravage and torture without discrimination.

Agrik is one of the greatest warriors of the gods, although he is known for his lack of chivalry in his methods. His favorite weapons are Gashang, the Emperor of Flame, his mace and scepter capable of inflicting the “myriad voices of pain”, and Sycanus, the reaping sickle he uses to carve the souls of the dead from their corpses. He also owns Armahnah, a great whip with which he strikes the ground with the voice of thunder.

A greater god of the outer planes, Agrik is known best by his symbol, a black fist on a red field, but his various fighting and clerical orders tend to employ their own symbols of power, such as bronze morning stars, flaming swords and implements of war and power.


Agrik the amoral Binder of Chaos is commonly called Manrasusha, or he who cleanses and destroys, kills and comforts. Early dogma holds Agrik as the servant of the great IO, first ruling power of the planes of the Ether, who nurtured the powers of IO through war and sacrifice. Many of Agrik’s followers believe he came to an understanding with IO, and was given the power over the lesser evil gods, to bind them together and reign in the Chaos of the lower planes.

The nature of the First Gods, however, inevitably generates confusion and a divergence of the metaphysical aspects of the upper and lower planes, and thus shades the exact origins of Agrik. How the notion that blood was required to feed and satiate Agrik through its consumption by flame is a mystery. Nonetheless, it is likely a mortal concept created to ensure their own power over their fellow beings.

Agrik dwells in his great fortress of Balgashang among his attendant V’Hir. Somewhere within the castle lies Ak-Syt, the dreaded chamber of tortures. The fortress’ exact location is unknown, though some claim it lies in several worlds and places at the same time. Others believe it lies near the heart of the Maelstrom of the Lower Planes, among the fiery heart of the Realm of Chaos.

Agrik - The Harbinger

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