Lady Alimira of Blackhill

Young independent noble of Cygnus


The young girl found in the church steeple of The Monastery of Magos, Lady Alimira is a young girl of fourteen, obsessed with books and a closet magic user. Though pretty, she is somewhat naive, and has not spent much time among “colorful” company.


Lady Alimira is a young teenage noblewoman from the small lordship of Blackhill. Her father, the Lord of Blackhill, is one of several lesser nobles who broke away from Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, some years ago.

Lady Alimira is a “typical” young teenage noblewoman, having been raised in her home province and not having travelled much in her youth. She has a passing knowledge of the arcane, and loves books above most anything else.

In late spring, while riding, she and hr guards were set upon by unknown assailants, and she was kidnapped. She spent several days in transit, all the while with a bag over her head, and knew very little about the people who had captured her. Eventually she was placed in a holding room in the top tower room of the Monastery of Magos, under the “protection” of a small goblin tribe. She remained there for many months, fed half-charred meat from the goblin kitchens and tossed several books to keep her from escaping.

In mid-Uktar, 1048 TR, Lady Alimira was rescued from her imprisonment by the adventuring group calling themselves “Fierce Creatures”. It was decided that she should remain hidden as one of Lord Taumus of House Daure’s own servants until the Spring, when the adventurers might be able to travel over the pass into Cygnus.

She was returned to her family, in the Jarldom of Blackhill where it was revealed her father was the Jarl himself. She is presently safe among her clan and people, though she still has a little “puppy love”…

Lady Alimira of Blackhill

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