Fangrik's Exotic Mount


Brightfeather is the mount of Fangrik. He subdued the beast and has spent considerable time working with the creature to gain her companionship. Soon, he hopes to begin training her to be his mount.

Capturing, taming and befriending a Griffon is an adventure in its own right.

Training a Griffon as an aerial mount requires a successful DC 21/DC 28 Nature check for a young or adult creature, and that the Griffon be willing to be used as a mount. Griffons mature in about 2 years after hatching from an egg. Experienced trainers can reduce the DC by 5, and the rearing time by one-half through the use of a magic bridle enchanted for the purpose. Such bridles require a special ritual to enchant, and cost 1500 gps to manufacture and produce.

Griffons can fight while being ridden, but have a limited weight capacity. 300 lbs (Light), 600 lbs (Heavy), 900 lbs (Push/Drag). Fly 10, (50 Miles per day). Worth 9000 gps.


Subdued in its lair atop the ruins of Summit Tower, Brightfeather has been carefully imprisoned beneath Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark in the ancient Griffon’s Stables located in the upper cellars. While wary of Fangrik, she acknowledges he is stronger than her, and she eats at his pleasure. She is still a fledgling, and young, but has grown strong under the care of Fangrik, and is nearly ready to act as a mount.


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