Consort Ulwai Stormcaller

Adjutant to the Band of the Red Hand


“Consort” Ulwai Stormcaller is a powerful hobgoblin female Bard, and “Stormsinger”. Attached to the castle as The Band of the Red Hands representative, she relays orders and keeps in contact with the Band’s employers. At present, she resides at Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, in the barracks of teh Great Tower, along with a couple hand-picked human female guards/servants, who seem capable of defending themselves at need, and are very loyal to their mistress.

Among the various lightning and sonic powers she can control with her voice, Ulwai is known to bear a magic shortbow, a magic Staff of Stomrclouds,and a Shock Whip. Her mithral breastplate is a perfect match to the beautiful mithral jewellery she wears, and is reputedly magical.

Consort Ulwai Stormcaller is strangely attractive for a hobgoblin, something that has been both a blessing and a curse for the stormsinger. Other hobgoblins accused her of having human or even elf blood in her veins. When she discovered her affinity for lightning and storms, she revisited her accusers with spectacular acts of vengeance. Ulwai has red hair woven into numerous braids and fitted with tiny bits of metal and ivory. Her eyes are a bright shade of blue, highly uncommon for hobgoblins. She also wears her numerous pieces of stunning, lightning-themed mithral jewellery.

Third in command of the Band, her knack for using her wiles on her opponents, combined with her knack for electrocuting them once she has them off guard, has served her well. Clever, confident and seductive, she is very capable of adapting quickly to changing circumstance.


Little is known about how Ulwai prior to her joining the Band of the Red Hand. Soon after joining as something of a camp follower, she quickly rose through the ranks and established herself as an independent entity in the mercenary band. Catching the eye of the band’s chief, Lupe, she became an important ambassador in their efforts, and was the inevitable choice to head the liaison mission with the Fierce Creatures, when the Band’s contract fell to them.

Presently, Ulwai keeps to herself, walking the parapets and generally spending her days practicing sword-play, archery, and singing on the highest points of the castle. She also seems interested in Drew the Avaricious, as the primary manager of coins in the Creatures

Consort Ulwai Stormcaller

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