Dierdrui MacFeldar

Reeve of Tir Feldar


Dierdrui is leader of the MacFeldar clan, and Reeve of the village of Tir Feldar.

Stubborn and headstrong, even to a fault, she is not willing to back down when she knows the truth of a situation, even to the point of death. Her sharp intuition and intelligence is best displayed by her love of books and knowledge of combat and battle tactics. She trusts few, but is given to kindness among her people.

Dierdrui is familiar with many types of weapons, such as crossbows and swords, her skill with the latter being great enough to outmatch her father in a sword fight. The sword she typically uses is a family heirloom, known as the Ravenguard, and is reputed to be magical.


Often referred to as “The Maester”, the MacFeldar’s have held the title of both Reeve and Beadle for as long as can be remembered. the family dates it origins to an off-shoot of the noble knight who ruled the village prior to its fall during the Hateful Wars of 1042 TR. The death of the ruling family placed leadership of the village completely in that family’s hands, and they have tried their best to keep things moving and productive. Recent raids by giants and hobgoblins have not helped, but the village remains intact, and the _MacFeldar’s in charge,… for now.

Born to Ionia and Fionn MacFledar, Dierdrui lost her mother in childbirth. She was raised to be her father’s successor from an early age, though she often took more interest in riding horses and sword-fighting. Eventually, she began to assume some of the demands of rulership, and then faced the hordes of orcs and hobgoblins that raided their village with the fall of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark. She has been an exemplary leader since.

With the death of her father Fionn in a raid by The Ghost Riders, Dierdrui became the defacto leader of her clan and the village proper. Her indomitable spirit will drive her to be a war-leader as well.

Dierdrui MacFeldar

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