Drew the Avaricious

Human Bard - Master of Stonefist's Coins


Unaligned Human Male Bard (Treasure Hunter) – Heroic Level

Drew is the Master of Coins to the newly risen Council of Creatures, that rules Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark. He is responsible for trade matters, and often acts as Arbiter, dealing with petty disputes over property and wealth in the community.

Drew has possession of the Horn of the Horde, using it for the Fierce Creature’s efforts.

He is known to accept few bribes.


Drew is a an unassuming, lean, dark and tall man with shaggy dark hair, grey eyes and a stern, though welcoming face. Drew has the constitution of a young man, with boundless energy, and the effacing charm of a true scoundrel.

If Drew has one over-riding trait, it is his search for wealth and status in life. He seeks to acquire wealth enough to build himself a mercenary company capable of carving a place for his dreams among the mountain realms of The Beast Shards. He was well-schooled in his youth by a distant uncle, learning Religion, History, Streetwise and the important trader’s skills of Streetwise, Bluff and Diplomacy. He also learned Arcana and Rituals in his youth.

Raised in his uncle’s household, he worked hard and earned a share of the profits, but turned them over for a cash stake to outfit himself and head to the important trade city of Brightwater – City of Coins. Searching for his future, he hired himself as a mercenary scout in the service of Edensor the Merchant, as he leads a caravan south into the Beast Shards, to reach the fortress of Frandor’s Keep before the snows fly.

Drew has found his perfect position in life. He had settled into the groove of life at Frandor’s Keep, and using his small fortune share through adventuring, invested in a Mercenary Company – “Sharp Death”. He hawked various goods for adventurers and offered small-scale protection services to visiting merchants, to maintain his troops, while he slowly gathered a small force, intent on bringing their swords into the northern realms of Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, and carving himself a place of power.

These handful of loyal troops have followed him into The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, and helped him establish himself as an independent member of the Fierce Creatures, despite having less adventuring experience than his companions. Also, these troops have proven invaluable for helping protect the castle at Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, and keep the newly established village of Shadowfang – “Pebble” secure.

He has taken a young lover, Nepra, a local jeweller’s apprentice, and though he might protest otherwise, it seems somewhat serious. She has converted her knowledge of gems and jewellery into a formal position with the local representative of The Mangai, Pol Marblehold, training her officially to become a licensed Journeyman Merchant.

Drew the Avaricious

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