Edensor the Merchant

Travelling merchant and tradesman


Well-known travelling tradesman on the road from Brightwater – City of Coins to the trade-stop of Frandor’s Keep. He is known as a peaceful merchant whose brightly colored wagons and troop of mounted crossbowmen are known to trade general goods, furs and luxury goods between the two stops, sometimes making the foray deeper into Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom when the cargo is worth it.

An older man, with whispy beard and snow-white hair, he is commonly dressed in the fruits of Brightwater’s skills, leathers and a water-proofed hide cloak. His hat is in the traditional Border Kingdom style with an ever-changing feather stuck in its band. He often wears various charms and lucky tokens found during his travels, sometimes even from goblin and orc origins.


Edensor is a well-known trader in the region, acting as an interface between several of the trade stops and minor communities connecting them. He is a Brightwater native son, loyal to neutrality and an ardent supporter of free trade. In his youth, he was caught up in the fervor between factions, and was known to fight as a mercenary on whichever side could pay. He gave that life up when he settled-down, and took his troop of soldiers into guarding his caravan as a trader. His voice holds sway in the Mangai.

Now, his wife and children live in Brightwater, while he travels the major trade route between that city and Frandor’s Keep, trading food, ironmongery and luxuries for the products of Hell’s Throat, primarily furs and exotic beast hides, which have a ready market in Brightwater. He tries to avoid gold and other precious metals, but has been known to acquire them on occasion. His retinue is implacably loyal and well-paid against bribery, and several of them are the sons and daughters of his former mercenary companions, making them more of a family than simple guards.

He has organized and is leading a caravan that is heading from Brightwater into The Beast Shards, and Frandor’s Keep, where he seems to be planning on spending the winter…

Edensor the Merchant

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