Gnoll Barbarian


Fangrik, Gnoll Barbarian

In addition to a pair of Gnoll Huntmasters as his minions, Fangrik is trying to train a captured Griffon, Brightfeather as his mount.

He has become the lead fighter in the group, and often takes the point gladly as combat commences, snarling and howling his way into dominance in any combat, wielding a Viscous Longspear +2 as his primary armament. He has been gifting his cast-off weapons and magic to his minions, making them both rather frightening ranged archers.

Although many see him as Lord Taumus of House Daure’s personal bodyguard, he is considered an equal, if slightly simple, member of the “Pack”.


Fangrik was just a pup when his IronWolves tribe was wiped out after years of encroachment and raiding into the human lands. He too would have been killed if Ol’Joe had not taken pity on him and smuggled him back to his farm after the final battle. It was here that Ol’Joe raised him and taught him to protect his herds, hunting both predators and venison in exchange for a warm corner of the barn. With the death of Ol’Joe, Fangrik finds himself on his own and ready to enter the savage world in search of a new pack.

In early Stormbring of 1049, the Tribe of the Iron Shackle came under the control of Fangrik following his group’s raid of the dragon Vartaksithraxus lair. He is now their chief after defeating the previous chief in personal combat, and is slowly working his way through the tribe’s females to determine a “queen”.


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