Goroda of the Sakhut

Empress of the Sky


Goroda the Great, or simply Goroda of the Sakhut, is the leader of the extended clan of Cloud Giants that dwell among the clouds above The Kingdom of Tjalf. While little is know of her or her people at this time, she is indisputably the ruler of a coalition of giant forces, which includes the Fire Giant kingdom under King Mogthrasir of Tjalf, and possibly an unknown number of other giants from nearby regions, including the mysterious frost giants of the northern kingdom of “Utgard”.

Goroda, with skin like moonstone and hair of white silver is able to easily use her skills to woo allies and friends among her own kind. Exotic and beautiful, she known to have a great fondness for music. She seems to hail from a culture far to the west of Argoth, dressing in a style that reminds one of the Hepekerian lands, and indeed, her people speak and act with many similarities to those far away peoples. She wears many obviously arcane bits of jewellery and wields a terrible magical iron morning star named “Impaler”, noteworthy for its massive three-foot-long spikes. She also keeps a number of Flame Drakes as personal pets.



Gantua : Little is known of the origins of Goroda or her people, the Sakhut. Cloud giants live in the skies, though only some clouds have the arcane mix of matter and magic that make them into “Earth Motes”, upon which castles and homes can be built. From the underside, these islands appear as normal shaped clouds, though most are rarely more than a mile across. The tops of these clouds tend to be flat or hilly, and groves of enormous fruit trees are seeded across them, along with gardens and fields. Some clouds even have herds of magically adapted herd animals that subsist on the local fruits, vegetation and even pure elemental earth.

The Sakhut dwell on a collection of cloud islands, each representing a clan or collection of cloud giant households, dwelling in graceful domes made from carefully carved marble and limestone. Known as Gantua, their cloud islands are bound together in an unknown fashion, though the fringes of them are a wet, semi-opaque, and insubstantial form, similar to normal clouds. The actual edges of the earth motes are white, somewhat spongy, almost with the consistency of moss. Normal cloud material floats above it like a bank of fog.

To the eye, each mote consists of rolling lands like hills and valleys, dotted with foggy collections of stone, loose boulders and scrub brush. The central 2000’-3000’ of each mote is actual earth, from which the legendary gardens and groves of the Sakhut take root. Most also have small herds of cloud-adapted shaggy cattle which provide their traditional milk, meat and hides to the Sakhut. There are also a variety of cloud-adapted mice, insects and pale white crows as well.

There is little else known about these creatures.

Goroda of the Sakhut

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