"Lost One" of the Western Raven's Nest


A tall young girl of Ninnellen ancestry, Gyda is a surviving schild taken from the creche in The Ravens western “Nest”. She is a typical 10-year-old, though she has an interest in drawing and loves little beyond her precious pony, “Carrot”.

Taken from the clutch of five children survivors of the western “Nest”, Gyda has a suitably quiet, reserved personality, and she does what she is told, though she remains quiet and reserved in public.


Gyda is possibly a child of Hanari, the bandit chief of the western “Nest” of the Ravens. She doesn’t seem certain, but suspects. Her mother was one of the female bandits slaughtered by the adventurers when they eliminated the Nest, and burned it to the ground.

While several of her kin were packed-off to serve local craftsmen as apprentices, she was chosen to be the first of many servants for Lord Taumus of House Daure. She does basic camp chores, but takes a special interest in taking care of her master’s horse and both her and her companion Nefera‘s ponies. She does not like Lord Daure, but she does what she’s told and keeps to herself.

She was recently gifted with a fine silk dress, which she has nominated as a prized possession, and her view of her master, Lord Taumus has risen appreciably.


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