House Daure

Broken noble House of the northern Mark


House Daure is a small noble clan that once held the important post of Stewards of the Iron Legion. When the Empire of Coranik abandoned their holdings in the Beast Shards, House Daure gained possession of the ancient fortress, and claimed the title of Lord Daure.


House Daure has a history of fighting giants and trolls that stumble out of The Beast Shards eastern eaves and try to raid into the valley lands of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon. It once was an important holding in the region, but without support from Coranik, its legion deteriorated over time, and eventually was all but destroyed during the troubles that also shattered The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon and several other small realms.

Over the last few years, the lordship has undergone a devastating civil war, and its holdings are now in the possession of a mercenary band, Grimtooth’s Band, formerly out of The Land of Two Princes. They have rebuilt the citadel, rather crudely, and have actually begun putting a dent in the local orc and giant clans. In time, they might even gain legitimate possession of the local lands…

House Daure

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