Iana the Verdant

Young Woods Nymph


“She whispered to the male the secret he sought, but he refused to offer one of his own in trade. So the nymph told him other tales, gossips true and gossips false, nourishing the seeds of doubt and fear buried in the heart of every mortal. Though the full force of this dark revelation had passed, he still hears her whisper on every gust of wind and in the rustling of the leaves, warning him of events that might or might not come to pass, of false friends, and of untrue loves. She reminds him that happiness and beauty are fleeting. He regrets ever speaking to the nymph, for her vengeance is as persistent as the wind. He longs once more for the comfortable security of ignorance.”

Among the primal spirits of the wilds, Nymphs have proven the most untamed and capricious. Their beauty – the splendor of raw, unbridled nature – is so sublime, that even demigods and divine exarchs have sought nymphs as their brides.

In autumn, after the harvests, the winds turn cold, and old leaves press together. As they await their fall, they whisper stories about how they drank up storms in springtime, bathed in summer’s eternal light, bore fruit, and shed seeds. Such is the narrative of every living thing, and collecting the intimate details of these stories is the autumn nymph’s great pleasure.

Autumn nymphs count the rings in the stumps of fallen trees and gather the ancient stories from their wood. They trade in secrets, one for one, gleefully exchanging intricate facts of a mortal’s life for the life-dreams of the great old trees that have witnessed the triumphs and follies of hundreds of mortal years.


Iana is a nymph, recently in the prime of her young life, living free and wild and exploring the world about her. She had taken residence in the Great Oak outside Master Vikram’s home, a deep burrow in the ground behind his storage shed, when lured there under false pretenses. Ensnared, she was tortured and interrogated and finally made subject to a demonic ritual that was to make her into a Gaunt, a vampiric nymph that dwells in trees and lives lives like other nymphs, only slaying the mortals and fey it lures into its tree to feast on its life essences.

The Fierce Creatures arrived in the nick of time to stop the ritual, and freed her from bondage. They also managed to recover the last acorn of the Great Oak that will allow Iana to one day make for herself a new home, in a world not embedded in ice and snow…

Iana presently resides in the Great Hall of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, awaiting a world where she can find refuge and perhaps peace. Perhaps, one day, she can shed herself of the vestiges of a fading nymph, back into the wild and capricious nymph she once was. Beyond heartache. Beyond fear.

Iana the Verdant

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