Invee Ablehas - "Lilac Moon"



4’-tall and slender, Invee is a gregarious creature who lacks certain social graces; like the disconcerting tendency to stand too close to people while whispering too loudly when trying to share a secret, or avoiding clothing. Mostly the clothing thing, really. She tends to swear by “Sabrina”, whenever she attempts something like a vow, but hasn’t shared who this Sabrina might be.

Invee also goes by the name Lilac Moon among her own people, an isolated tribe of nixies lives in a hidden Nixie cavern pool with several dozen others of her kind, located some miles underground, north of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark.

She is considered an ally of the Fierce Creatures, and is the betrothed of Ash Cogward.


Originally encountered in the ancient silver mines located under the shadow of Summit Tower, where she had remained trapped for many years, until the exploration of the caves by Fierce Creatures led to her escape.

Her and her tribe returned to offer their allegiance to the “King of Roses” in early Flamos, 1049. As an offer of tribute, the clan chief offered his daughter, Invee as a surety of their “Lasting affections”. She is presently ensconced with her betrothed (in private chambers, of course), awaiting a formal marriage ceremony. Ash seems less than interested…

Invee Ablehas - "Lilac Moon"

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