Journeyman Colla Petronus

Woodcrafter of Shadowfang


Journeyman Colla Petronus is an excellent craftsman, who only lacks sufficient funds to claim the title of Master from The Mangai. A bachelor, he keeps rooms above his workshop, and specializes in furniture and cabinetry.

In addition to basic repair work, he also produces; single bed ( 2gp ), double bed ( 3gp ), fancy posted bed ( 10gp ), table ( 3gp ), straight-backed chair ( 1gp ), rocking chair ( 2gp ), cabinet ( 6gp ), sideboard (8gp ), and ornate chest ( 10gp ). He can take commission on other wood-crafting tasks, charging 2sp per day, plus materials, and most tasks (such as building a simple door, or bookshelf) take two-three (2-3) days.


A skilled journeyman woodcrafter who joined the colony hoping to gain enough income to buy himself a Master’s certificate.

Colla is considered an important member of the village Council, acting as the third member of the Crafter’s, though he leaves all the politics to everyone else.

Journeyman Colla Petronus

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