Lady Ilithyia Rainford

Daughter of Lord Rainford, the Platinum Princess


The only daughter of Lord Sandus Rainford, Lythi is the sole heir to his estates and fortunes. Considered one of the two most eligible wives for young knights in the region, she faces a constant stream of suitors, though none have proven sufficient to woe her, or impress her father enough to ensure a marriage.

Called “The Golden One” by some at The Keep, she is famous for her petulant rages and sometimes rides along the river outside The Keep, accompanied by various suitors and guardsmen. Although somewhat spoiled, she is beautiful, talented and considered the height of nobility in region. Rumor also claims she is not the heir to his title and lands, but rather a younger, hidden child remains listed as his heir…


During the closing week of the PCs stay in The Keep, Ash Cogward encountered her (without recognizing who she was…), and had a very pleasant encounter with her. Apparently, she likes “…greasy little gnomes…”.

Lady Ilithyia Rainford

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