Lady Lucretia Rainford

Wife of Lord Rainford, Mistress of The Keep


Wife of Lord Sandus Rainford, Lady Lucretia is known for her skills as an oracle, and is seen by many of her clan as “touched by the gods”, meaning she is a visionary blessed by an unknown goddess. Increasingly, people of Frandor’s Keep have discovered this power might be darker and more sinister than they suspect.

Tall, lithe and attractive, she has cascading red hair, usually tied into “Imperial” braids. She prefers bright robes and dresses, and is always the center of attention in any social gathering.

Lady Lucretia also has a talent for disguises, infiltration and codes. She is strong in the use of smaller weapons such as wands, batons and daggers. She knows history, magic, and — on a basic level —philosophy. Rumor has her being a psion, though such has never been proven.


Although appearing as a “Northerner”, Lay Luci is descended from ancient Antonican nobles, and remains staunchly “Imperial” in her mind-set and traditions. She is known for committing blood sacrifices when “…the goddess demands it…”, and is somewhat feared by the servants, even though she is kind and considerate most of the time… most of the time…

She is the social center of The Keep, holding feasts on holy days to honor the various gods, and inviting all the right people to ensure her husband can meet with them and grow his position. Indeed, she is almost the political strength behind his title, twisting a little here and there when needed, but remaining quietly supportive of her husband. She knows finding the right husband for her daughter is important, since his strength will ensure the stability of their small realm, so she is constantly manipulating visiting nobles, to gauge their strengths and weaknesses.

Lady Lucretia Rainford

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