Lord Ciramir

Chancellor and Regent of Cygnus


Lord Ciramir is the crown’s Regent and Chancellor of the realm of Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom. He leads the Noble Faction of the city’s government, the realm’s administration, and indirectly, the noble’s spear levies and their military forces. He is arguably the most powerful man in the realm.

Lord Ciramir is a mature man of strong countenance, and with the appearance of a warrior, having maintained his physique and skills-at-arms over the years. Typical in appearance to the local “Common Men”, he is dark of features and grim of countenance. He tends to dress in the traditional Hepekerian garb of the noble caste of the city, and is always armed with both his scimitar and infamous horse-headed silver cane. The scribes claim its sound tapping through the palace corridors late at night, is much like the tapping of Death’s own horse.

Lord Ciramir is not a leader of men, neither as a warrior nor as a great orator. Nonetheless, he is a proven firm and decisive ruler, never wavering once the decision has been made, nor vacillating after that decision has been made; he understands the responsibilities of power and the consequences of his actions. He always places the the good of the country and the welfare of the Princess first, in all things.


Lord Ciramir is a well-travelled, cultural diplomat. He is kindly and gentlemanly, but shrewd, and well-versed in the intricate politics of the nation. A sailor in his youth, he participated in the stalwart defense of the city when it was raided by the Sea Lords in 973 TR. Never destined to be a warrior, as he is quick to admit, he was able to find a new career as a diplomat, serving with distinction in the border forts to the east as a scribe. He dislikes Pelargir – City of Ghosts, perhaps comparing it in his mind’s eye to the great, fallen cities of the Shatter, but has not allowed this to affect his work.

Though representing the nobles of the nation through his lead in the Noble Faction of the nation’s government, he possesses great influence in city affairs, and his support is crucial to the internal political struggles in Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom. The troops and engineers he commands through his control of the noble levies are a valuable resource, much coveted by every pretender who courts the Princess, trying to claim the throne. Ciramir’s support for the Princess and her throne is based solely upon the belief that only royal blood can hold the realm together during the trials ahead. His allegiance may shift, however, if that belief should prove false. Within the limits of diplomacy and prudence, however, Ciramir is forthright and honest; he cannot be bought.

Lord Ciramir

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