Lord Sandus Rainford

Lord of Sabre River, Master of The Keep


Lord of Sabre River, Lord Rainford is a remnant of the ancient Coranik Empire, a soldier of the Legions and a “true” nobleman of the realm. Lord Rainford has control of the The Lordship of Sabre River, and the strong trade fort of Frandor’s Keep.

He has a wife, Lady Lucretia Rainford, and a single daughter, Lady Ilithyia Rainford, who is believed to be his sole heir to title and lands.

A staunch traditionalist in Imperial ways, he remains head of his own Imperial Legion, The Lynx Legion that garrisons Frandor’s Keep. Powerful and increasingly rich, Lord Rainford is a talented soldier and administrator, and he knows to put the best candidate for any given job into that position. It is said he and his wife are somewhat estranged, not having shared each otehr’s bed for some time.


Lord Sandus Rainford

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