Lord Urrevor Koth

Former Lord of Stonefist


Lord Urrevor Koth is a veteran soldier of numerous campaigns, who led a band of mercenaries to claim the ruins of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark for his own. Known for his love of riches and the power ownership of an isolated, and virtually unassailable fortress could bring, he enjoyed a life of privilege few others could.

Lord Koth was always trying to prove his worth to his liege, Baron Vartak, but was also countered by the fact he had rough humanoid troops who lived to raid and plunder. While they were disciplined soldiers, he had to keep them occupied in raiding the settlement of Tir Feldar every week or so, to keep them active over the hard winter.

His death and the absorption of his holdings and troops by Fierce Creatures, has begun to get that band attention in the region they plan to call home.


An old hobgoblin warrior, whose long career led him to found a band of mercenary hobgoblins from various other tribes, and a pair of gnoll archers. Combined with his handful of female hobgoblins, he claimed the ruins of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark from a pack of trolls that resided there. He was an important officer in the growing army of Baron Vartak, but died at the hands of the Fierce Creatures.

Lord Urrevor Koth

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