Luvor the Spy

Former Young Tiefling Stableboy


Luvor is a tiefling groom, originally serving in the stables of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark. Luvor has slightly red and gray tinges to his pale skin, with black claws and wears little clothing. He carries a staff, sword, and a dagger, and always has a weapon tucked away somewhere. He once dwelt in the loft of the castle’s stable.


Little is known about Luvor. He was captured by Lord Urrevor Koth to act as a groom for his dozen Skeletal Horses. While they don’t require food in the traditional sense, their healing demands buckets of various arcane elements and blood, and their tack requires maintenance and care, so he was kept around to serve these tasks.

During a lengthy absence of his masters at Stonefist, Luvor disappeared. He left with little to nothing, but was rumored among soldiers of Baron Vartak, to have travelled to meet with his true master, and entered his direct service. The Fierce Creatures have not likely seen the last of him.

Rumors among the Snowreach Rangers stationed in Content Not Found: stonfist, have placed Luvor walking openly in the markets of Fort Bloodthorn]], anxiously engaged in his master’s business.

Luvor the Spy

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