Master Arwold Ironhill

Master Metalsmith of Shadowfang


Master Arwold Ironhill is the metalsmith of the colonial village of Shadowfang – “Pebble”, training his son Dagobert as his apprentice. He is an experienced military smith from the Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom military.

In addition to his usual trade of repairs and tool-making, he also shelters and cares for mounts for 5cp per day, and keeps two (2) riding horses and four (4) draft horses each for rent at 1sp per day. He also rents a pair of wagons (2) he owns for 1gp per day each, horses and fodder included. He keeps a large store of fodder, and is known to keep a heavy crossbow at hand, in addition to his impressive hammer.


A colonist from Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, Master Ironhill has “retired” from the military, and keeps much to himself, having converted his pension into horse-stock and tools to start his own smithy in the new colony.

Master Ironhill is one of the leading citizens in the manor, and sits on its Council. He is a simple man, though, and has few pretenses towards more power, seemingly single-mindedly devoted to his son’s raising.

Master Arwold Ironhill

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