Master Pol Marblehold

Village Master, and Mangai Representative


Master Pol Marblehold is the local representative of The Mangai, and operates a Moneychanger’s, in addition to acting as the Mangai’s tax collector. He also speculates on local trade opportunities. He has both a wife Nelli, two young children; Ailis and Sileas, and a young apprentice Seumas Serpent.

Master Marblehold has a substantial working capital of silver and gold coins, mostly in Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom currency. He keeps iron shutters and bars on his windows, and an iron strongchest.


A noted merchant from Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom, Master Marblehold chose to settle in the new colony at Shadowfang – “Pebble”, since his traditional trade in woolens has evaporated in the capital. He brought his family, hoping to start anew and establish a new source of trade.

Master Marblehold is the lead Crafter in the village, and leads the Council in its operations. He knows much of trade and coins, and is considered a great resource in local trade matters.

Master Pol Marblehold

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