Master Vikram, the Black

Master Necromancer


Little is known about this man, though he is rumored to be a master necromancer, and knowledgable about many rare rituals.


Originally settling near Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, Master Vikram was a middling druid named Master Oakbrow, who sought to protect the creatures and beasts of the local area from severe encroachment by the local lord, Baron Vartak and his minions. They seemed to come to terms, after a fashion, and he was left alone to keep tabs on the valley, while Vartak’s orc horde left him and most of the valley alone.

At some point a few years prior to TR 1049, during a visit to a local dryad, he discovered a hidden and sealed series of chambers that hid a vast repetoire of knowledge of the Elder Gods and the Lower Planes, placed there, some believe, as a shrine to The Forgotten God. Whatever its original purposes, it was now a wreck of a place, haunted by undead corpses and demons from the lower planes, all bent on getting free and striking into the valley for their own fell purposes.

Oakbrow was determined not to let this happen, and called his allies together into the sealed chambers to defeat these creatures, or at the very least, seal the chambers away once more. Neither were wholly successful. After several months of steady attrition, his allies were defeated and he was corrupted, though he had managed to keep them contained.

After a year of trying to fight away the darkness, Oakbrow went mad, and his knowledge of ancient forbidden rituals and access to corrupted implements led to his breaking into a new persona, that of Master Vikram, an necromancer of some power and strength. He managed to keep both personas separate and apart, so much so, that he lived in two places and kept the knowledge of each away from the other. Eventually, a local necromancer found about his presence, and Vistola, the Gray came before Master Vikram, and begged access to his knowledge and wisdom and power. She got it at a cost, usually in the form of hard currency, but sometimes in the form of blood sacrifices and raw risiduum. He gifted her with rare magicks, such as Ghost Horses and ritual scrolls to raise her own skeleton servants and minor demons.

Eventually, however, his dual personality was his undoing. While he was able to keep up the persona of Oakbrow for a time, he often found himself more and more travelling to his hidden lair in the nearby mountain, and trying to convert more of his former allies into demented servants and undead creatures. During his attempts to corrupt Iana the Verdant, he was disrupted by the Fierce Creatures, and both he and his corrupted minions were slain by them. He took with him many ancient secrets, though his book of rituals, The Liber Mortis was recovered.

His moldering corpse shriveled and blew away to dust, never to return…

Some days later, after discovering the hidden series of chambers filled with corrupted lore and demonic undead guardians, behind _Oakbrow’s own home, they encountered another form of Vikram/Oakbrow, this time a powerful shadow creature of the lower planes, bursting with arcane knowledge and forming his own dimensional pocket deep in the lair of these forgotten scholars, itself something of a dimension unto itself. After fighting their way through the guardians, they this form of Vikram, and destroyed his pocket dimension with the help of both The Liber Mortis, and ancient directions left by the last insane scholar in the lair, Kalanuu.

It would seem that Vikram/Oakbrow was finally dead…

Master Vikram, the Black

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