Melendus the Merchant

Merchant and Trader


Melendus is a fairly successful merchant, met by the adventurers when they saved him from a severe beating at the hands of unknown ruffians. Friendly and fairly easy-going, Melendus is always accompanied by a pair of female companions named Chantel and Sascia, and a pair of loyal bodyguards, Davidus and Ohtar.

Melendus is a typical-appearing merchant of some means, who dresses well and always has coins to spend for the good things in life… though not an endless supply. Known to be skilled in religion and history, he is often involved in bar-room discussions with clerks and other intellectuals, though he tends to take a simpler view of the world.


Melendus trades using a single wagon, and specializes in wines and ales imported from a variety of sources, but primarily trading in “Dragon’s Breath Ale” from Freeport, along with various cheeses (notably the infamous Sithian “Lotus Cheese”). Occasionally he travels to Westwind – The Emerald Realm, importing “Westwind Ruby” wine, and “Westwind Best Ale” back through Frandor’s Keep to the Land of the Two Princes, but the route is dangerous and he only goes when in a large caravan. in exchange he often buys raw silver ore and furs from the locals to export back to the Border Kingdoms, and has his own contacts to procure enough to fill his wagon fro the return trip.

Melendus has shown a remarkable talent in getting what he needs to acquire enough goods and money to live comfortably. He is very open with his good fortune, however, and rarely seems to hold grudges. He keeps a residence in Brightwater – City of Coins, but is often away on the road conducting his business. He is well-known among the people of The Keep, and welcome there.

Melendus the Merchant

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