"Lost One" of the western Raven's Nest


Nefera is a wild and precocious young girl of seven years, who serves as a servant to Lord Taumus of House Daure. Taken from the clutch of five children liberated from The Ravens western “Nest”, Nefera is something of a wild and difficult little junior warrior.

Unlike her friend and kin Gyda, Nefera is always harrying off looking for “adventures”, and is easily distracted from normal tasks unless they’re involving bashing things with her club, or riding hard and fast on her pony, “Flash”.


Taken from the group of young children who survived the burning of their homes, Nefera does not know her father, though she suspects it to be Hanari. Her mother, Birgitte died at the hand of Lady Vathra banRainha, and as an orphan seemed likely to meet a bad end.

Lord Taumus of House Daure chose her, however, as a potential travel companion to Gyda, and acts as the oil to her water. The two are best friends, of course, and know all they have left is each other. She always finds a new club of some sort while travelling, and constantly urges her pony to “…go faster…”. She talks constantly, and speaks of one day becoming a great shining knight and riding off to glory. She’s kinda cute, but fierce.

She was recently gifted a set of goblin armor and weapons (suitably cleaned and blunted), which she has taken to with a gusto. Her opinion of her master, Lord Taumus, has risen appreciably.


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