Nirashi Sylvanmead

Elven Cleric


Nirashi is a thin and pale elven woman with coal-black hair worn long and loose. She claims to be a cleric of Enkara, the Mistress Macabre, Goddess of Cold and Winter. Nirashi focuses on the seductive aspect of strength and magic. She rarely speaks except to invoke spells or utter vile curses familiar to her pallid mistresses name, and she seems to despise “half-bloods”.

During the conflict with the PCs in the ruins of Spirit of the Wood Inn, Nirashi mentioned her “…pallid Mistress…” would seek revenge upon them for their defeat of the Black Banners. This reference hints that she was not only a devotee of Enkara, but possibly a closer relationship…


Little is known about this woman, however, of all the “Black Banners”, she seemed the most powerful, and also was the only one to escape their betrayal of the PCs alive. Her current whereabouts remain unknown…

Nirashi Sylvanmead

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