Patrik Kinbond

Castle Smith of Stonefist


Patrik Kinbond is an unlicensed smith from Gallorna – City of the Iron Dragon who was freed from slavery to serve the castle as a smith. Tall and muscular, he is often seen in one corner of the castle Great Hall working on his ancient stone tools he has made with the help of Master Arwold Ironhill, since he does not yet have access to a proper forge or tools. Most of his day is spent repairing ironmongery and simple martial weapons on his stone forge, but he can make simple forged weapons (clubs and spears) at need, given extra time and old iron stock.

With access to a proper smithy and supplies, he is skilled enough to forge and repair horseshoes, nails, arrowheads, swords and shields, and any simple or martial weapon required by his work.


Little is known about Patrik at this time, though he is rumored to have had a wife and two sons.

Patrik Kinbond

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