Princess Nirnadel

Princess of the Swan Kingdom


Princess Nirnadel is the late King Ostoher’s only living child. She is a grave young woman of sixteen years, well-educated and fully aware of her position as a pawn in the current political situation. She idolizes her “favorite Uncle” Lord Ciramir., and hopes he will consider her future happiness when he selects a husband for her. Princess Nirnadel is still physically young, with her Ninnellen mother’s green eyes and fiery red hair. She seems truely concerned about the physical well-being of her people, and constantly enrages Lord Ciramir and her personal bodyguards by slipping out of the palace to visit the Houses of Healing to lend assistance.

In many ways, Princess Nirnadel is a cypher; she could become the able queen of the realm, if married to a considerate husband, or a withdrawn and embittered spinster if given to a careless or cruel man. Her only close friend is her old nurse Anariel, a loyal if not overly bright woman in her sixties who regards all men (save Ciramir) as threats to her charge.

Princess Nirnadel

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