Reeve Haldir Cathon

Village Reeve of Shadowfang


Reeve Haldir Cathon, is the village Reeve of Shadowfang – “Pebble”. He leads the other local farmers in the Village Council, decides what crops to plant and grow, supervises collective work efforts and levies fines in the Council’s name, and gathers rents, harvests and levies in the name of the local lords, the Fierce Creatures.

Formerly, Reeve Cathon was a laborer from Redstone – Barony of Steel and Flame, who was able to buy his family’s freedom and provided himself as a colonist in the group. He has a wife Muireall, and four young children ( Iain-2, Manus-4, Sorcha-7, and Raibert-9 ). His family keeps an extensive flock of chickens (50+ and growing), that provides important eggs, meat, and feathers to the local community. He does not intend to grow extensive traditional crops (such as wheat or flax), but rather has plans to develop an extensive garden, having brought many valuable seeds for vegetables, such as cabbages, onions, leeks, beans and peas. For now, he provides labour to any who pay (usually the craftsmen in the village).

Although not the best farmer in the village, he knows enough to be most people’s equal. He has few words to say unless his duties require it, and even then speaks only what is needed for the moment.


Little is known about his past, but he claims to have been a common labourer in Redstone – Barony of Steel and Flame, before taking this opportunity to find a new life.

Reeve Haldir Cathon

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