Roseblood Sprite


“Standing just over three feet tall, this small humanoid creature has pale, ivory skin, long spindly fingers, and tall pointed ears. Wraped in what appears to be thorny vines, the lithe fey has a shock of blond red hair bound behind her head. She stares out with equally red eyes with a look of cruelty and malice.”

Roseblood Sprite – Level 3 Lurker (XP 150)
Small Fey Humanoid

Initiative +3
Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +6

HP 34; Bloodied 17
AC 16; Fortitude 12, Reflex 17, Will 16
Speed 5; see also Woodland Stride.

Thorn Bracer (Standard, At-Will) : Weapon : *+4 vs AC; d4+1 damage.

Thorn Bow (Standard, At-Will) : Weapon : Ranged 10/20; *+7 vs AC; d6+3 Poison Damage.

Rosewood Armor : (Immediate Action, Free) : Grappling a Roseblood Sprite deals the attacker an immediate d4 damage.

Woodland Stride : Roseblood Sprites ignore natural difficult terrain when they shift.

Rose Form : (Standard Action, At-Will) A Roseblood Sprite can take the form of a Small rose bush. While in this form, the Roseblood Sprite is immobile but it can perceive its surroundings. It can take no other actions than to revert to Sprite form. Any damage dealt to the bush is applied to the Sprite while in this form (AC 6), but is immune to Criticals and Sneak Attack damage, but is always hit by a Reflex attack. This ability form can be maintained indefinitely.

Alignment Neutral Evil
Languages Elven, Common.

Skills : Athletics +11, Nature +6, Stealth +11, Thievery +9.

Str 13, Dex 17, Wis 14
Con 12, Int 13, Cha 17

Equipment : Thorn Bracer, Thorn Bow with 20 Thorns, Rosewood Armor.


Known for their cruelty and disdain for humanoid creatures, Roseblood Sprites are the physical embodiment of nature’s uncaring and vengeful aspects. Roseblood Sprites act out against those who would despoil nature’s beauty, often with excessive force. All too often, even the presence of such an outsider is enough to provoke their ire, be it human, orc or even elf (although they seem to forgive the presence of their fey-allied gnomes). It should be noted, that most Roseblood Sprites consider human flesh to be a delicacy.

The origins of the Roseblood Sprites are lost to time, but their legends hold that they were formed from the petals of the world’s first rose, whose wicked thorns protected its beauty. The legends go on to say that these first Roseblood Sprites were all crowned king by the Fey Courts, and taught the secrets of awakening more of their kin. Whether or not this limits the number of Roseblood Kings is not known, but sages speculate that when one dies, another is crowned.

Roseblood Sprites organize themselves into courtly strata, with “dukes”, “barons” and “earls” all vying for their own king’s attentions. These lesser titles seem to matter little to the king, but individual sprites often attack those who misuse or disregard their rank. Small nomadic hunting packs (2-5) are known as “Bushels”, while larger groups under a noble are known as “Courts”.

Roseblood Sprites reproduce through an odd ritual involving their king, a secret held by them in trust from the first Mother Rose. It involves a pair of Roseblood Sprites, male and female, assuming their bush form side by side for one full year. At the end of this time, a thrid Tiny rose bush grows up between them. This bush is then tended by both parents and king for another year, after which time it achieves maturity and is transformed by the king into an adult Roseblood Sprite. This last step involves the ancient Ritual of Awakening known only to the Kings, involving ancient rites and words that empower the flowering bush.

Roseblood King

Although rare, a large group of Roseblood Sprites is often led by a Roseblood King. The king makes all the major decisions for the group and is rarely encountered without an entourage of at least two Roseblood Sprites. The Roseblood King is said to have numerous extra powers over poisons and thorns. Finally, the Roseblood King alone can create new Sprites from living rose bushes. He can only do this with a fully grown rose bush he has tended since its planting, and involves a secret ritual ceremony.

There are, at present, rumored to be two Roseblood Kings, one in the heavily Roseblood Sprite populated Bloodthorn Vale, and another in the Fangwood of the southern wastes of Sithia, east of The Shatter. This latter realm is known to be corrupted and its various courts held under the sway of the blighted wood nymphs of that region.

Roseblood Gear

Roseblood Sprites hold the secrets of making and employing their own gear, namely two exotic weapons and a special type of light armor. It is rumored they also hold secrets of alchemy and rituals unique to their species.

Rosewood Armor : This suit of leather armor is wrapped in rose vines. Anyone grappling a creature wearing this armor takes d4 damage each round. The rose vines of the armor must be watered with at least a gallon of water each day, or they will wither and die, turning the armor into normal leather armor. The armor acts as normal leather armor in every other way. Weight : 15 lbs. Cost : 50 gp.

Thorns : These small enchanted arrows are tipped with wicked rose thorns and fletched with lacquered rose petals. These missiles do Poison damage. Weight : 0.1 lbs (2 lbs per 20). Cost : 1 gp per 20.

Thorn Bracer : These sturdy leather bracers are studded with lacquered rose thorns that can be used to pierce foes. One is able to attack with these bracers, even when holding other objects in your hands. When attacking with Thorn Bracers, you lose any shield bonus from a readied shield until your next round’s action. Exotic Weapon. Weight : 1.5 lbs. Damage d4. Critical x2. Cost : 15 gps.

Thorn Bow : This polished rosewood short bow is studded with thorns and tiny rose flowers. Requiring at least two hands to use a Thorn Bow, it can be used while mounted. Larger versions are sometimes made for strong allies or as gifts to other Fey, sometimes even as Longbows. Range 10/20. Weight : 2lbs. Damage d6 Poison. Critical x3. Cost : 50 gp.

Roseblood Sprite

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