Shankira Silvershard

Former Adventurer. Assassin. Keeper. Godmaker.


Daughter of Rand Silvershard, the Arch-Druid of Shem and his consort, Miore.

A powerful sorceress and bard, Shankira was raised to be a noblewoman of position and standing, but has developed into a source of great fear and mysterious activity in the shadows of the Shemite state. Known to associate with “The Keepers”, a sect of pseudo-religious followers of Magos, she is known to have risen high in their cult and controls a vast network of spies, informants and agents.

Known to favor thunder and lightning spells, “Kira” is given to many luxuries and shows her origins as a powerful nobleman’s daughter, with a taste for the finer things in life. She is, however, a veteran adventurer, and can do without in need. Nonetheless, she is often seen wearing fine silk gowns, and immaculately dressed “to kill”, her wands and ancient tomes at the ready.

Her personal symbol has been noted as a stylized silver rose, and in sage’s circles, she and her direct followers are known as “The Circle of the Silver Rose”, with herself as “The Silver Rose”.


Shankira Silvershard

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