Sir Roderick Drake

The Drake-Killer


Sir Roderick Drake is a noble, kind knight who seems to honestly believe he is in the gods service to fulfill his oaths and be a true knight. Many puzzle at why he serves the “Fierce Creatures” with such single-minded direction. Or loyalty. He is an ardent worshipper of Larani – The Celestial Paladin.

He is husband to the young Lady Ygraine. They have one young baby girl, named Elsa.

Roderick has been given possession of the Eye of the Gryphon, and has the responsibility of relaying the Fierce Creatures information to the rest of their followers, via the Eye of the Dragon, which is held by Drew the Avaricious.


During the Winter of 1049-1050 TR, he adopted the title “Drake” and banner crest of a black Flame Drake on a red field, a gift from the castle and village denizens for his efforts to keep them alive and hale. His banner hangs in the great hall, as he refuses to claim the castle as his own, though there are mounting pressures to do so from the local people.


Little is known about his history prior to taking service with the Fierce Creatures.

In the months since, he has proven a worthy leader of their militia, and does all he can to ensure his (and his wive’s) lives are safe and secure.

During the 2nd Battle for Stonefist in mid-Stormbring, he was instrumental in slaying a Flame Drake menacing the gatehouse, getting in the killing blow. He now wears a tanned leather cloak made from its wings, as a memorial of this event.

During the year of absence, from the 21st of Flamos, 1049 TR to 22nd of Flamos, 1050 TR, Sir Roderick was able to hold the castle and village under his control, and keep the land peaceful and safe, despite more than a year of harsh winter and marauding monsters. He worked well with the Snowreach Rangers, keeping in correspondence with their commander in Silverthane, and further played the mercenaries against the rampaging orc hordes from Fort Bloodthorn, as well as placating them with good wages. He kept the villagers and castle residents alive using the Norish Apples and whatever supplies he could purchase from the northern villages under the castle’s control, and from across the pass in Tir Feldar, eventually attracting a few handfuls of small holders from across Bloodthorn Vale to rally in the local village. While he has done little beyond the basics, he had managed to hold things together in the absence of any other guidance.

Sir Roderick Drake

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