Sir Turigarth Fomirian

Lord's Knight of Yew


_*Sir Turigarth* is a nobleman through and through. The resident Knight’s Lord of Yew, he controls the steading, its soldiery and ensures the locals pay their taxes and obey the laws. He does not have rights of capital punishment, but for most mundane tasks, is the Vocie of the Lord of Sabre River, Lord Sandus Rainford.


A martinet, Lord’s Knight Turigarth is a good fighter and loyal to his lord, but cares only that the Lord’s taxes be paid and its laws be followed. He is noted as caring little for anything else.

It is known he has a disdain for humanoids and demi-humans, avoiding contact and often referring to them both as “monsters”…

Sir Turigarth Fomirian

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