Snowreach Rangers

March Wardens of Bloodthorn Vale


A collection of excellent guides and scouts who are familiar with Bloodthorn Vale, and serve throughout the valley. Although officially based from Silverthane, the group are led by Hogrun Ironson, a veteran ranger of the northern regions.

Although there are many rangers in the group, they are scattered and not really effective as a large force. Presently, the group has numerous Snowreach Watchtower operating as watch stations across the valley, from which the group hunt small threats to the valley’s inhabitants and generally help isolated steadings. If forced to, they could number perhaps a cohort or more of troops, that are best used as skirmishers, and not as front-line forces.

Typically equipped with alarm horns and their insignia marking them as members of their Order, the “March Wardens” bear claymores, hand axes, and longbows, wearing improved chain shirts or studded leather armor under their typically thick winter furs and heavy woolen cloaks. It is said they employ a number of secret symbols and phrases amongst themselves to dissuade infiltration by enemy spies.


Established anciently, the group have risen in importance in recent history as the only organized group of armed citizens in the valley.

At present, the group numbers only 30-50 full-time rangers, though the numbers rise among local youth during the winter months. A small detachment has begun working out of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, led by a former prisoner of the castle, Umberto. This group of eight (8) Rangers help watch the walls, and conduct scouting trips around the castle and along the pass into Tir Feldar.

Snowreach Rangers

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