Lord Taumus of House Daure

Renegade White Wizard


Unaligned Human Necromancer – Lord of House Daure and would-be Master of Grimtooth Castle.


Taumus is a nobleman’s son, and heir to the House Daure fortunes and lands. At the tender age of seven, while his father was away at court, his home was sacked and he was taken hostage by The Iron Ring. Kept in a cage and forced to watch the murder of his governess, tutor and household guards and servants, but his father returned with his forces to rescue him before he met a similar fate.

Taumus’ father, Baron Baranus Daure, took the matter personally, and began waging his own jihad against The Iron Ring, and spent the next two years chasing rumors of their forces across the north. Taumus and his mother were quietly escorted north to Fairhaven – Land of the White Mages, where his mother had family, and he was raised in his uncle’s household. Taumus quickly proved bright enough, and was able to apprentice into the Guild of Arcane Lore (also known as the _Mage’s Guild). His mother soon returned back to the family lands, to be with her husband, leaving Taumus in her brother’s care.

Traumatized by his early exposure to torturous death, Taumus found himself drawn to the study of Necromancy, but from the perspective of ending unnatural life, and understanding it than creating it. He proved quite skilled at understanding it.

Eventually, a mercenary known to Taumus as coming from his father’s army, bearing his father’s signet ring and sword, marking Taumus as the one to try and rebuild his father’s legacy in the fallen realm of The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon.

Taumus stands 5’ 10", about 160 lbs, brown eyes and hair, and several “hidden” tattoos. He is left handed but can use his right hand equally well. He has engaged personal servants, in the form of two orphaned girls, Nefera and Gyda. Lord Taumus had also taken the responsibility of the fate of Lady Alimira of Blackhill, returning her to her clan and father.

Personally seeking to return trade to the region around Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark, Lord Taumus has become the nominal figurehead of the group known as the Fierce Creatures. He spends many hours searching through the large archives in the library of the Great Tower for more information regarding Necromancy and local History.

Lord Taumus of House Daure

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