Thane Ankuft Riven

Leader of Frosthelm


Thane Ankuft Riven is the younger brother to the former Thane of Frosthelm, Olaf Riven, who died defending his community from the assault of The Bad Moon Tribe. Originally the village merchant, and its keeper of the clan’s coins, he alone survived of the ruling family, and quickly took the reins after the village fought-off the invaders with copious assistance from the Fierce Creatures.

His responsibilities were just overseeing trade to larger communities, such as Silverthane and Fort Bloodthorn. Considered somewhat dishonest, he never cheated his own people, and held the support of the survivors enough to take the Thaneship title. While he does not strike a strong, manly figure, he is nonetheless clever and a survivor.


Ankuft Riven is a grim man, thin, with a beardless, pockmarked face. He has a deep set of pale, colorless eyes and hollow cheeks. He is almost completely bald. He wears iron-grey chain mail over boiled leather with a large greatsword worn over his right shoulder. The sword is ancient, rumored to be magical, and a clan relic known as Ice.

He was raised with the rest of his clan in the holding of Frosthelm, and always took a back-seat to his older brother, Olaf. He was considered the quiet shadow behind the throne, and has now been thrust into the title and position as Thane. Time will determine if he’s up to the task.

Thane Ankuft Riven

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