Thane Beathan Paddock


Thane Beathan Paddock is the Thane of the village of Paddock. Though he is not very supportive of the recent changes to the valley, suspecting that open resistance will bring down the wrath of the giants and their forces, he is forced to ride the wave of their recent successes.


Although something of a rogue, Thane Beathan Paddock is very charismatic, and assumed the leadership of his clan following the death of his grandfather Hairailt during the Hateful Wars. He believes in the value of stealth, and has maintained a neutral view of matters in the valley, keeping his clan and their herds out of sight, and thus out of mind for the last decade. This has proven very successful.

Rumors, however, began to reach them of a force having taken the fortress of Stonefist from bandits, and that they were trying to bring down Baron Vartak. This was further reinforced with rumors out of Frosthelm, of the assaults by orc warriors, and this was finally the trigger that forced his hand. Half his clan were supportive of his efforts, but half wanted to embrace open trade and travel, especially since it appeared that something was happening with the weather. He released those young warriors seeking to assist in the defense of Stonefist, as a means to get rid of the troublemakers. The successful defense of the fortress, and the subsequent fall of the Baron and his true identity, once more forced his hand. He now has to embrace the Fierce Creatures, just to hold his title, as the renown of the adventurers has led the village to support a unity of valley villages.

Thane Beathan Paddock

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