The Black Banners

Mysterious Adventuring Party


Little is known about The Black Banners. They keep to themselves, and do not share their council with others. They do, however, seem to be looking for something in the area around Frandor’s Keep.

They consist of the following:

Nirashi Sylvanmead
Helm Gravesend
Fudge Walker


Claiming to be from Brightwater – City of Coins, the group seem of diverse origins, and seem to be familiar with Hell’s Throat and the region they are adventuring through. Their purposes remain their own.

Their banner, however, is something of a tell. Openly displaying an unblinking eye, it is bordered in draconic runes, detailing praises to an unknown dragon god, most assume to be either Tiamat or Bahamut. They claim, when asked about the runes, that “…initiates need not ask after what should remain hidden…”.

When last encountered, The Black Banners ambushed the PCs in the ruins of Spirit of the Wood Inn and attempted to take the portions of The Panoply of Narwen in their possession, but failed. Only Nirashi Sylvanmead survived the encounter, with her vowing revenge upon the deaths of her companions.

The Black Banners

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