The Bloody Maw Tribe

Independent Orc Tribe


A large tribe of independent orkan warriors and beserkers, who dwell in a corner of the northern portions of The Dark Fence. Beserkers to a fault, they are rather primitive, but tough and relatively organized. Their ancient complex holds their females and young, a noisome hold where they spend the hours fighting, feasting on flesh and mining the crystals and gems found in the crude mines they continue to toil in.

In addition to at least a cohort (100+ warriors) in their troop, the orcs are rumored to have several ogres or hill trolls and a pack of wargs used as riding beasts by the leaders of the tribe.


The tribe is a remnant of the ancient wars between the dragons and giants, when the giants summoned their forces together in the region. Technically part of the Blackrock Clan of orcs, they were brought south to The Beast Shards during the Migration Wars of TR 178, and they are very proud of this fact. Many of the younger battle-lusting orcs and shamans of this tribe were lured away through promises of power during the recent giant war, the bulk of the tribe refused to serve under the giant’s wars once more, and remained.

While many of the remaining orc warriors are older and somewhat past their prime, some of them are returned warriors from the conflicts in The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, and have both experience and booty. While some think they can take the crown of the tribe from their present chief, most ignore their mutterings, since Chief Grashur is still strong enough to hold the reins. He also has the control of the tribe’s ogre mercenaries, and his lieutenants, Athrug and Urfase are not bright enough to assert their authority through careful scheming.

The Bloody Maw Tribe

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