The Forgotten God

The Outcast, The Lord Who Watches, The Hidden Lord - God of Chaos, Entropy and Despair.


The Forgotten God is an old and evil god of uncertain origins. Believed to be an “Elder Evil”, he is a power of darkness, decay and entropy, who seems closely tied to the unraveling of power or knowledge. His followers seek his favor through the removal of knowledge from the universe, often to their own gain, making them often powerful creatures of forgotten and lost magicks, relics and treasures.

Chief among the gods venerated by The Tauri, The Forgotten God unifies “his” people through a malignant theocracy. All Tauri are fanatical worshipers of his essence, and the worship of The Forgotten God is central to all activity among the clans. Sacrifice remains an important ritual in the cults, and always accompany prayers in his name. He is typically depicted in art as a massive Tauri or Minotaur, wearing fluted steel armor and an eyeless greathelm bearing great, majestic horns.

Among the Tauri, the ability to control and enslave the great earth elementals and dao is said to come from his control over them through defeating them in ancient battles. Others say it is, in truth, because he is a primordial with control over the earth and all its creatures.


The Forgotten God is a power to be reckoned with among The Beast Shards and its neighboring realms. Although many of its priests tend towards madness, they follow a strict dogma, wiht the following as its principles:

“Light Must Be Snuffed, Minds Splintered” : The Forgotten God’s followers are ruled by the single thought of capture and destruction of knowledge. They go to great lengths in the acquisition of ancient tomes, lore and other knowledge, including relics that can control demons and devils and other creatures that know even darker secrets. Their temples and holy places are dark havens of crushing hope, where one’s own dreams swiftly become someone else’s playgrounds…

His holy number is 3.

The Forgotten God

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