The Ghost Riders

Hobgoblin Bandits of the Howling


Unknown bandits who haunt the pass known as The Howling. They are the scourge of the region.

Wearing great fiery orange cloaks and adorned with strips of cloth and brightly colored feathers, the armor of the Ghost Riders is shaped to resemble fearsome skeletal demons. Nonetheless, their armor is not just ornate, but highly capable of adding to defense. Considered Splint Mail Armor, made of splints of leather and iron shaped to resemble bones (Heavy, Sub-type of Scale Mail Armor, +7 AC Bonus, -2 Check, -1 Speed, 55lbs, 50 gps, Durable 3). The helmet is just as fearsome.

The ornate decorations cloak the wearer in a disguise, making them seem like a demon on fire. Combined with the helmet and their Skeletal Horses (AV pg 13), they make most people believe they are fighting a demon.


The threat of the Ghost Riders ended with the death of Lord Urrevor Koth and the fall of their stronghold of Stonefist – Gateway to The Mark.

At present, most of their Ghost Horse herd remains intact, and is being maintained for Lord Taumus of House Daure’s personal purposes.

The Ghost Riders

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