The Leech Men

Mysterious predators of The Keep


Leech Men is the nickname given to these little bastards (“blood thieves” is another), since their true name and species is unknown. The spindly little creatures stand as tall as a halfling, with lanky black hair, large dark eyes and a mere slit for a nose. A leech man’s mouth is long and protruding, filled with razor-sharp teeth like a lamprey. Their hands and feet are clawed, though they seem to use them more to climb and scamper about, than as weapons.

Leech men feed on the blood of mammals exclusively. Since this tends to dry quickly, they almost exclusively feed on live animals.

Nocturnal and often employing cover to hide and sneak, they are surprisingly stealthy. They are unusually swift and agile, capable of better speed than one might expect, and their darting movements make them difficult to strike in combat and defend against.

Leech men bite fiercely. Their razor maws are capable of inflicting serious wounds, but more insidiously, inject a an anesthetic. Anyone bitten by a leech man suffers continued bleeding, and further risk suffering from a blood disease, that acts very similar to that found in rats; Filth Fever. Subsequent bites compound this problem.

Leech men are cowards, and seek to flee any encounter in which they meet armed and ready foes, unless their hunger drives them to a suicidal fury when cornered. It should be noted that they are as capable of a coup-de-gras as any creature, and being knocked prone before them is a dangerous option.

Leech men seek out a good locale for feeding (a barn or corral where large animals are kept overnight is ideal), then take up residence in a nearby thicket or old hollow under a tree, to emerge at night and prey on the herd. It will typically make a msall bite in a target creature, and then suck blood from the wound until sated.

Of course, they have no qualms about feeding on humans and demi-humans either, emerging from sewers to suck the blood of derelicts or even being bold enough to sneak through an open window and steal a baby…


First encountered as raiders preying on the stable of horses for Frandor’s Keep, the Leech Men proved wily and capable, but in a fierce series of battles were virtually eradicated and only a pair survived to flee into the night once more. Another pair have been taken by an exotics dealer as slaves back to Brightwater – City of Coins.

The Leech Men

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