The Lia-Kavair

The Thieves' Guild


Argoth’s Thieves’ Guild" does not have official recognition anywhere on Argoth and is not directly represented in or by the Mangai (The united force of merchant’s and craft guilds). A representative of another guild is often tacitly understood to speak for it. The Lia-Kavair controls a host of illicit activities such as pursecutting (anything carried on a person is considered fair game), protection (especially of secular beggars and unguilded persons), drug running, smuggling and burglary (mostly from the middle class, not the nobility). The Lia-Kavair does receive tacit support from many powerful groups because it tends to keep crime under control and will provide the services of skilled assassins (for a stiff fee) with few questions asked.

The Lia-Kavair is hardly revolutionary. It is as much in their interest to maintain the status-quo as it is for any other guild or government. Strict, but unwritten rules, prevent any segment of society from being over-victimized. Quite often an individual will be robbed of only a few items even though circumstances would allow them to be picked clean. The Lia-Kavair will rarely intervene to free or defend a member who has been caught, nor would such intervention be effective in most governments. The cardinal rule is simply to never get caught. Troublesome criminals will either quietly disappear, or be betrayed to the authorities for an appropriate punishment. The organization always operates covertly; the general public will never be aware of the location of its “guildhalls”, nor the names of the individuals who run it.


The Lia-Kavair

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