The Lynx Legion

Garrison Legion of The Keep


The heart of Frandor’s Keep remains its military garrison. The primary purpose of The Keep remains a military one, despite its rise in importance as a trade and craft center. The Keep exists to guard the pass and prevent the sweep of an invading horde from The Beast Shards into the fertile valleys to the north. Everything else remains secondary.

As such, The Keep is run with great detail, discipline and order as any other military institution might be. Civilians and traders are catered to, but they are never allowed to interfere in the operations of The Keep or its personnel. First-time infractions are answered with a stern warning. Second infractions are usually very brutally dealt with.

Regular Army : These are soldiers who have volunteered for service, and are employed to defend the nearby lands and The Keep itself. Duty at The Keep is considered difficult, and pay is adjusted accordingly, with bonuses after each term, and the promise of a land-hold upon retirement following five terms of service. Almost all troopers of the “Lynx Legion” fall under this category, and are responsible for manning the towers, gates and walls of The Keep, as well as maintaining patrols of the Borderlands Road and nearby watchtowers and communities. All such troopers wear red and gold tunics, with the unit’s bronze mountain lion symbol on their shields.

In addition to their scale mail armor and heavy shield, each trooper is typically armed with a spear, short sword and a stout bronze-shod club. Elite troopers often bear long swords, and select units of small numbers have been assigned crossbows as well. Units are assigned barracks in towers across the fortress, though some also serve in the various nearby Watch Towers, Way-Stations and larger communities to the north, Yew and Sabre River. There are also some Scribes and Runner Boys, who also serve in the Legion, for various administrative tasks.

Conscripts : When times of manpower shortage arise, criminals, bandits and others are conscripted into units to fill gaps and bolster patrols. Tougher, in general, than most troopers, they are known survivors. They tend to get the worst tasks in camp; tending to horses, pulling guard duty at night, and making meals for the rest. No one respects the Conscripts, and they often come under abuse by other troopers. They typically wear the same basic armor and weapons as Regular troops, but also wear a simple white tunic, with a blue diagonal line running behind the crest on their shields. Conscripts are known to bear their own favorite weapons, often crossbows, maces and axes. They constitute around 20% of the guards at The Keep.

Knights : Not concerned with manning walls or towers, the “cavalry” of the Legion are decked in scale armor, shields, two lance-spears, and usually a horseman’s mace or longsword, with the traditional bronze-shod club as a back-up. Their horses tend to be of good quality, even though they do not maintain their own horses. In addition to escort duty, they receive better pay, better food and clothing, and are often seen boasting a smug attitude, and are, simply put, a cut above the rest.


The Lynx Legion

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