The Master

Mystic source of great trouble


The Master, as the creature is known, was originally thought of as a myth. It has since, been proven to be behind the various troubles scattered in the area around Frandor’s Keep.


Little is known about The Master at this time.

According to tales, it appears to be an Oni, a creature of myth and legends, that is rumored to come from the Utter Eastern lands of Diromoa. Diramoa itself is an ancient land on the other side of Kethira from Argoth, known only for its people’s loyalty to an ancient empire of traditions, and the trade coins that sometimes make their way across the oceans, and are called “Diramoan Coins”.

The Master is a tall, dark creature culled from mankind’s deepest nightmares. Vaguely troll-like in appearance, its coal-black skin, shock-white hair and bright shining eyes belie its great strength and murderous attitude. The thin horns atop its head seem like a crown. It bears a massive solid iron morningstar, that is little more than a bar of rusted iron.

The creature is known to turn ethereal and moves very fast. It has a vaporous breath that hypnotizes its victims, and allows it to devour its enemies souls. Rumor says they can change their appearance with illusions to appear as humanoids of various races. They are known to infiltrate their foes, and mislead their enemies.

Status among the Oni is measured in slaves, wealth and power. They are known to have great fortresses and underground lairs where they store vast riches and live the life of pure hedonism to which they prefer.

The Master

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