The Minotaur


Minotaur Warrior – Level 10 Soldier XP 500
Medium Natural Humanoid

Initiative +7
Senses Perception +14

HP 106; Bloodied 53 (Also Frenzy)
AC 26; Fortitude 27, Reflex 21, Will 23
Speed 5

Greataxe (Standard, At-Will) Weapon : 16 vs AC; d106 damage, and target is marked until the end of the minotaur warrior’s next turn.
Goring Charge (Standard; At-Will) : The minotaur warrior makes a charge-attack; 17 vs AC; d66 damage and the target is knocked prone.
Ferocity (When reduced to 0 hit points) : The minotaur warrior makes a melee basic attack.

Alignment Any
Languages Common

Skills : Dungeoneering +12, Intimidate +11, Nature +9

Str 23, Dex 10, Wis 14
Con 18, Int 9, Cha 13


Minotaur are a fierce, bull-headed monster that tends to worship demons and enslave and plunder weaker creatures. All minotaurs have a liking for mazes and often seek out buried labyrinths or sprawling dungeons as lairs.

Most adult minotaur are warriors. Minotaur of the warrior caste are fiercely loyal once they have given their allegiance. In evil minotaur lands, they serve minotaur cabalists as bodyguards, slave-drivers, and raiders. While they are not particularly clever, they possess a certain bestial cunning and have uncannily sharp senses.

The most intelligent and strong-willed of the evil minotaur, are their cabalists – leders of their cult of Baphomet, a demon lord often referred to as The Horned King. They form a priestly caste that pilots the subjugation of neighboring peoples. Like the warriors, minotaur cabalists are strong and fierce enemies, but also command several mystical powers that make them even more dangerous in battle.

Savage minotaur are hulking dim-witted, temperamental brutes often infused with demonic blood. Bloodthirsty predators and rapacious robbers, they hunt lonely and wild places, killing and eating anything that crosses their paths.

The “poor cousins” to The Tauri, Minotaur live more like highland clansmen, serving their more cultured cousins in levies and as craftfolk. Dwelling in small communities often hidden in caves on the edges of The Beast Shards, most minotaur are a civilized, if simple people. Their “kingdom” is a remote location ruled from the hidden mountain citadels of the Tauri. Known for slave-taking and plunder, they are known to weaken their targets first through raids before all-consuming invasions that leave nothing behind of value. Led by the more contemplative Tauri, they prove to be very difficult and dangerous opponents.

Good or evil, religion has an all-encompassing aspect to their culture, and they are guided by their religious leaders. Settlements not under the sway of the Horned King are usually led by priests of another cult; cults of Agrik and sometimes even Larani being present.

Minotuar like mazes. They employ twisting designs on their clothing, armor and weapons, and lay out simple or exceedingly complex labyrinths in their temples, caves and gardens. Among the more benign minotaur, these labyrinths are places of quiet contemplation. Evil minotaur throw prisoners into labyrinths, often to feed their savage kin or summoned demons, who hunt the hapless captives through twisting corridors.

Minotaur prefer the company of their own kind, but employ a wide variety of sentient beings when needed. Minotaur devotees of Baphomet are often accompanied by gnoll or demonic allies.

The Minotaur

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