The Phooka

Lord of the Feywild Realm closest to Frandor's Keep


Located in the center of the ruins of the great Dridanis temple complex, The Phookais protected by a great hedge of thorns, and the center of the creature’s worship in the surrounding realm. The power behind the Wandering TRees, The Phooka is also the reason for the relatively mild weather of the realm, despite being in the Feywild.

The hedge protecting The Phooka is a magical barrier 20’ high, and the thorny mass deflects violent entry through extreme growth. Climbing is impossible, though flying can allow passage over the barrier. Flames are impossible to defeat the barrier, and even chopping through with magical weapons proves difficult and painful to achieve. Access is actually granted through possession of silver wands, of which there are very few remaining intact.

Beyond the hedge, is a smooth grassy glade with four stone arches, and the great oaken Phooka itself. EAch stone arch represents one of the Gates that allow passage through to the realms of Cygnus – The Swan Kingdom and The Mark – Land of the Iron Dragon, which are accessible only at particular seasons, as noted by the shrines lying outside the thorny wall.

The Phooka itself is a great, ancient gnarled oak tree, not very tall, but extraordinarily thick with a full, healthy spread of limbs. Approaching the tree sends a rustle of leaves through the boughs, and its voice is a very deep, resonant telepathic sound in their minds. Aware of all that passes in its domain, it responds to petitioners based on their actions to its people and territory.

If friendly, The Phooka gives knowledge of its own history and past denizens, the ancient temple complex built around it by the Order of Dridanis that once worshiped it, and generally acts like an old friend. If neutral, it might demand some service from the petitioner, and if unfriendly, it will use every resource in its control to drive the petitioner from the complex and the Forest, including its followers, which number unicorns, treants and elves and other fey creatures.

The Phooka is strong and sure in its decisions. It will not hesitate to punish (or even destroy) intruders who harm its followers, or generally prove destructive to the creatures and forests under its protection. It will, however, prove friendly and even helpful to those who truly seem to desire friendship with the woodland realm. The Phooka is not hasty, and might take hours or days to come to an important decision. But if the Forest itself is threatened, it will act in all due haste to quell the threat. If sufficiently angered, there is no end to which The Phooka will go to destroy the threat…


Ancient beyond measure, The Phooka is a member of The Court of Stars, a demesne of the Feywild, and technically beholden to the ancient Fey “Seelie” Queen, Titania. The Phooka has not sent a representative to the Seelie Court in centuries; not since its followers were slaughtered by the barbarian lord Bargol the Wicked who stole The Panoply of Narwen, sealing the realm from direct entrance with the Prime Plane.

Today, The Phooka rules his demesne of elves, treants, unicorns and other common fey with great quiet and peace. Very little has disturbed the realm in the last century, beyond a tribe of troublesome kobolds who have settled in the forests, and a few other large predators that have begun preying on creatures from the fringes.

The Phooka

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